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Kansas City’s Hot Seller’s Market

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To say we are currently experiencing a seller’s market might be a bit of an understatement. The amount of homes for sale is historically low, creating a frenzy of hungry buyers. Some buyers are going to extreme measures, such as waiving the Appraisal Contingency, just to win a bidding war and get under contract. While there are always pros and cons to every situation, this situation seems to benefit the home seller.  With the Kansas City Market as hot as it is right now we put together some valuable information you maybe looking for.

When should I sell my home?

If you have even toyed with the idea of selling your home, the timing couldn’t be better. “The sooner you can put it on the market the better. As summer is closing to an end soon so the time is now before school starts. If you can hit the market we highly suggest it!

How ready does my home have to be?

Even though this is a seller’s market, there are still some things you can do to improve your already great odds of selling your home quickly.  One of the most important things you can do is to stage your home.  Make sure to update certain items, bathrooms and kitchens are what sell the most.  Clean, decluttered, and neutral color houses are selling very fast and most with bidding wars. Take the time to get things in great condition and ready to show. Buyers will reward you for your time and effort with a better offer!


Make sure the price is right

How do I know what to ask for my home? Any professional real estate agent will be able to compare your property and determine a list price.  If you have a prime product, i.e., move-in-ready and in a heavily sought after location, you might want to price it exactly where it should sell to create a multiple offer situation. Buyers will recognize that it represents a great value.

The first few days are critical

When it’s time to sell, what’s the best thing a seller can do?  Take a vacation for the first weekend that you list the house, if you can’t afford a vacation go stay with some relatives.  On some homes, we are getting multiple showings the first weekend. Leave the house perfectly cleaned and staged, and then go have a staycation close by. The goal is to list your house on a Thursday and have it sold to multiple offers by Sunday.

How much will I end up paying?

Most brokerages in the Kansas City Area charge 6-7% commission on the sale price of your home. Contact us today to discuss further!

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